Discover Columbia Falls, Montana, and all it has to offer

So, you’re planning a journey to Columbia Falls, but you’re worried that you won’t find enough things to do while you’re there. However, you can cast that thought to the side because you’ll discover it’s nearly impossible to do and see everything. 

To ensure you get to do what you want to do, decide what activities are most important. Are you into doing something active like fishing, or are you happier taking a leisurely trek on a bus through a scenic route? Perhaps hiking along a lake is more your speed. 

Whatever you decide, you can do all of these things if you want; but you’ll have to schedule your time wisely. With so many options available, you could spend your entire life exploring around Columbia Falls and still never see it all. 

Columbia Falls is a gateway to West Glacier. This historic town, which doesn’t have streams, a river, or waterfalls, is 15 miles south of the Glacier National Park West Entrance. 

So, you might ask, why is Falls in the name? The answer is an early settler first named the town “Columbia.” To avoid postal confusion with “Columbus” Montana, Falls got tacked on.

These days, Columbia Falls ranks highly as the best and safest place to live in Montana.

Visitors reap the benefits of enjoying all the points of interest and activities the area has to offer.

Hungry Horse Dam And Lake

The Hungry Horse Dam And Lake shouldn’t get missed. Found on the South Fork of the Flathead River, the dam got constructed to provide hydroelectric power and flood control as part of the Hungry Horse Project. At the height of 564 feet, it’s the 10th highest dam in the United States. 

Visitors who care to learn more about the construction and local history can stop by the Visitor Center for free tours of the crest and view interactive and static exhibits.

In addition to static and interactive exhibits covering local area history and Hungry Horse Dam’s construction, the Visitor Center provides free tours of the dam’s crest.

Enjoy the Eagle’s Vantage Point With a Glacier National Park Helicopter Tour

If you prefer to see Glacier National Park from an eagle’s perspective, you can book a helicopter tour! Glacier Aviation Services provides interested tourists with airplanes or helicopters depending on the kind of experience they desire. 

Both make unforgettable vacation memories and offer people a bird’s eye view of Glacier National Park that few will ever enjoy.

Get Your Rush With a Zipline Ride

Few activities push as much adrenalin as riding a zipline in Glacier National Park. You’ll feel the wind whipping against you as you move at rapid speed through a natural marvel. 

Zipline rides and helicopter tours also have that once-in-a-lifetime feel that makes them outstanding gifts. Glacier National Park is unforgettable and will create an indelible impression on everyone, especially people who take a fantastic adventure while enjoying all the park offers.

Get Dirty With an Offroad ATV Outing

Are you ready to head offroad? Start your journey with an ATV rental in Whitefish. It’s an excellent beginning point because the worn, backcountry trails take you through multiple terrains. You’ll experience everything from dirt tracks to mountain roads, great for creating memories with family or friends.

The Conrad Mansion Museum

The Conrad Mansion Museum takes you back in time to witness how one of Montana’s most prominent family lived. Charles E. Conrad was an early Montana pioneer who amassed a fortune as a trader on the Missouri River. He and his wife Lettie loved the area and built a fantastic dream home in Kalispell, built by the couple in 1892. The backdrop of the house is the nearly perfect Montana wilderness.

Admission fees apply, and both self-guided and docent-guided tours are available to visitors. During the winter and spring seasons, docent-guided tours are by appointment only, and 24 hours of advance notice is requested.

Cool Off At Big Sky Waterpark

Visiting Big Sky Waterpark on hot days is a brilliant idea. The park has a fantastic location in the center of the Rockies. It’s someplace the whole family will love. 

With ten exciting water slides, a massive whirlpool, a pool for children’s activities, mini-golf, and bumper car racing, there’s lots of fun for everyone. 

The park is sixteen miles north of Kalispell or eight miles east of Whitefish, and it’s an ideal stop when you’re coming to or leaving Glacier National Park.

Enjoy Glacier National Park With a Wild River Ride

River rafting is a surefire way to get your heart pumping and to experience the rivers of Glacier National Park. 

West Glacier, Montana’s Wild River Adventures provides both standard and customized whitewater outings designed to meet their needs. They’ve helped individuals and families have safe and amazing scenic rafting trips since 1985.

Glacier National Park Truly Is the Crown of the Continent

There are many beautiful places in America, so winning the title Crown of the Continent is a genuine honor. Glacier National Park earns that honorific due to its protected state, which has allowed the area to thrive.

Many gateway communities support Glacier National Park and have their amenities worth exploring. In addition to Columbia Falls, Whitefish, Polebridge, Kalispell, West Glacier, St. Mary, East Glacier, and Babb are worth the stop.

Hiking Lets You See the Park’s Wonders up Close and Personal

Hiking is always an option. Consider the trails and sights that hikers can explore with a visit to Glacier National Park. Some of the all-time most popular ones to use will include the following.

  • Highline Trail
  • Siyeh Pass
  • Fisher Cap Lake
  • Redrock Falls
  • St. Mary And Virginia Falls
  • Avalanche Lake
  • Iceberg Lake
  • Pitamakan
  • Dawson Loop
  • Grinnell Glacier

It’s essential to understand the demands of the trail before setting out. Some trails are very challenging and require top fitness levels. Others provide a milder, scenic walking experience. It’s up to you to customize your hiking, and fortunately, you have tons of options. 

If you’re planning for a group hike, it’s worth doing research. Assess everyone’s fitness and ask them how comfortable they are with the difficulty of the trail you’re considering. Also, ensure that everyone in the group has water and other needed supplies. 

There’s Plenty to Do in Columbia Falls, Montana

If you make the wise choice to stay in Columbia Falls, you’ll find there’s plenty to see and do. Here’s a partial list of the attractions and activities that draw people to the area every year.

  • The Montana Vortex and House of Mystery
  • Depot Park
  • Glacier Ziplines
  • Swan Mountain Snowmobiling

These are a fraction of the adventuring and exploration opportunities available in Columbia Falls. You will also want to stop by Glacier Jeep Rentals to go on an adventure that will meet all of your expectations.

Rent a Jeep and See Glacier National Park Like a Local

According to TripAdvisor, Glacier Jeep Rentals is a top ten attraction for Columbia Falls, and many visitors who have tried the service are in complete agreement. 

Renting a rugged Jeep is the only logical solution for forging your path in the rough park terrain. Get ready to have the excursion of a lifetime and witness the legendary wildlife along the way. 

Combine the safety of a modern jeep with closeup views of the mountains and wildlife, and you have a trip worth doing! Columbia Falls, Montana, and Glacier National Park rarely disappoint any of the adventurers who come each year. Now’s the best time to plan your next great vacation in Big Sky Country.