Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is a national treasure that attracts millions of visitors every year. 

As far as national parks go, Glacier is a not-so-secret jewel. It earns the nickname Crown of the Continent Ecosystem, including 16,000 square miles of protected lands.

Other remarkable features of this breathtakingly beautiful park include:

  • Glacier National Park contains over one hundred thirty named lakes.
  • The area boasts over one thousand various plant species.
  • Visitors may encounter any of over two hundred wild animal species.

Naturally, the area is protected and gets kept in a pristine state for visitors worldwide. Remarkable views and the abundance of natural resources make Glacier National Park a top pick for anyone seeking a break from ordinary life. With plenty of things to do, an adventure is never far off!

Over three million people visit Glacier National Park each year. These fortunate travelers get to take in a landscape that formed over a two-and-a-half million-year timeframe. It’s an authentic slice of American history that’s too big to overlook!

Going-to-the-Sun Road

Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park isn’t the easiest to travel, but it’s worth the effort. This mountain road extends the park’s entire distance, starting from a singular crossing of the Continental Divide straight through to Logan Pass. The road at that point reaches an elevation of 6,646 feet.Visitors love traveling on the scenic and spectacular fifty-two-mile highway. 

Popular stops in this area are Sun Point, Wild Goose Island, and many trails that run along the road to Logan Pass. Hikes to Hidden Lake and holding the garden hose at Highline Trail upon reaching Logan Pass are all highlights. While you’re in the area, stop by Avalanche Creek to reveal even more of the park’s secrets.

West Glacier is an excellent starting point for day hikers in Glacier National Park. It’s among the nation’s top hiking spots and recognized for having incredibly stunning views, majestic mountain peaks, as well as abundant and diverse wildlife.

When in West Glacier, a trek to The Hidden Lake is always worth the effort. It’s there that visitors can witness mountain goats, marmots, and big horned sheep, as well as remarkable scenery and breathtakingly beautiful wildflowers. 

The Glaciers Remain a Primary Attraction

Grinnell Glacier

Visitors of Glacier National Park will likely expect to see an actual glacier while in the area. Of course, they can, but it could take planning. Despite the park’s name, Glacier National Park is not the most accessible place to see these formations.

Jackson Glacier is the one that most people will see. This Glacier is located five miles east of Logan Pass and visible from Jackson Glacier Overlook, which is on the eastern side of Going-to-the-Sun Road. Many tourists experience the beauty of the area.

Jackson Glacier Overlook offers an excellent vantage point for sightseers and photographers who want to capture the Glacier’s essence. The park has other similar areas of interest, including Salamander Glacier, Grinnell Glacier, Sperry Glacier, Piegan Glacier, Sexton Glacier, and Vulture and Two Oceans Glacier.


Logan Pass - Glacier National Park

Visitors are welcome to see any or all of them. Be aware that not all of them are as accessible as Jackson Glacier. Some of them require serious hiking to get there. Whatever you decide, these Glaciers are visually stunning and make the journey worth the effort.


There is a lot to do around Glacier also!

All the areas surrounding Glacier National Park are worth exploring. No matter whether you’ve been to Glacier National Park a hundred times or never before, this region of America is inspiring, thought-provoking, and serene.

Polebridge, West Glacier, Kalispell, Whitefish, Saint Mary, and Babb all draw guests visiting Glacier National Park. Polebridge is a favorite with travelers because it’s one town that shunned modern electricity. Instead, the villagers rely on generators to power their homes and businesses.


For a long time, the town used loud and dirty diesel generators to produce power and electricity. Now, they rely on a modern solar array to power their community. Eighty-seven solar panels now power the town. But forget about using your smartphone because there’s no signal! Visitors get to take a trip back in time and de-stress instantly by visiting a city that’s unlike nearly any other.

Another reason not to miss Polebridge? The town has a Glacier National Park entrance that allows visitors to see areas in the park unexplored by most. Anyone who is searching for the proverbial trail “off the beaten path” can find it here.

Discover All That Glacier National Park Offers in a Jeep

A Glacier Jeep Rental Jeep on The Going to the Sun Rd.

Glacier National Park and surrounding areas are excellent to explore in a four-door Jeep Wrangler. These rugged vehicles easily handle all of the challenges of driving through difficult terrain.

For people who need overnight accommodations in the park, renting a Jeep with an Overland Tent option is ingenious. This configuration provides visitors with enough comfort and safety to see all that Glacier National Park offers up close and personal. Glacier Jeep Rentals in Columbia Falls, Montana, has everything that adventure-minded people need to experience a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

 If visiting Glacier National Park isn’t on your bucket list, you should add it immediately. A visit to the area gives people a glimpse into the past when pristine natural conditions and abundant wildlife existed everywhere.

Fortunately, people can still experience that remarkable beauty by hiking one of the many well-traveled trails and footpaths. It offers the chance to see wild mountain goats and other animals in their natural habitat. Most will marvel at how clean the air and water are, serving as a testament to the power of preservation.

Discovering it for the first time is a profoundly personal experience. Many people rate it as their best travel adventure. See the sights of rugged land that make the West the nation’s premier travel destination.